A PAWsome Pair!

by Scott
Batman & Robin, R2D2 and C3P0, Miss Piggy and Kermit, President Biden and Vice President Harris ….dynamic duos are always here to save the day! 
Now, there’s a PAWsome pair that join the ranks of the world’s most dynamic duos.
Danielle is an inspiring teen who lives with seizures. Hendrix is her super service dog that was placed with her family through the non-profit 4 Paws For Ability. 
Dani and Hendrix bonded right away. Hendrix sleeps in Dani’s bed, loves to put his paws up over her lap just because he feels she needs him, and is teaching her to play ball again. 
Hendrix will offer life-saving assistance to Dani and her family by alerting them if Dani is having a seizure or if she is choking.  She is training with Dani’s first service dog Boboboss on how to lick Dani’s feet when she can sense a seizure is coming on so Dani can get urgent care. 
Danielle’s Mom Kim said, “The second time around with 4 Paws For Ability has been just as amazing as the first time. The organization has grown so much in the last nine years but they have certainly not lost the care, compassion and dedication they have for all their pups and every single family whose lives will be forever changed. Thank you for taking the DIS out of disability. With you, there are no boundaries.”
At 4 Paws for Ability, we strive to provide our clients with life-changing, and in this case, lifesaving service dogs for a lifetime. Hendrix is Danielle's second service dog, and we are so proud to know her family is as delighted with their second service dog as they were their first.
Kelly Camm, Development Director, 4 Paws for Ability, Inc.

4 Paws for Ability

4 Paws for Ability believes service dogs should be made available to any child with a disability who wishes to have the love, companionship, and independence that are the result of service dog placement. 

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