A Place to Call Home

by Scott

It’s simple to say that all people should be treated equally and with respect and love. Unfortunately, it is not practiced nearly as much as we would hope. We believe that the more we understand each other, the more we can learn to respect and love one another. That is why stories of the LGBTQ+ community are so important.

A Place to Call Home reveals the journey and relationships between Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) mothers and their LGBTQ+ kids.

It is moving, honest and inspiring. But, most of all, it is a powerful reminder of how our community and families can bring us together.

This important documentary was directed by Stephanie Tran, a young, queer, Vietnamese filmmaker. “This film is extremely important to me, because I hardly ever see myself represented in the media. It is my dream and my life’s goal to change that,” said Tran. 

A Place to Call Home features four PFLAG mothers of AAPI descent, sharing their journeys with their LGBTQ+ kids.

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To learn more about A Place Called Home, please visit: https://pflag.org/press-releases/place-call-home