Angeleno teen poised for a bright future

by Scott

For over 71 years, Variety Boys & Girls Club (VBGC) has provided a refuge for children who struggle daily with issues related to poverty, under-resourced neighborhoods, low education attainment, gang violence, substance abuse, and poor health outcomes.

The mission of VBGC is to provide innovative and stimulating academic, leadership, and athletic programming in a safe and nurturing environment to the underserved children and families of Boyle Heights, located in East Los Angeles. Their vision is that all children will have an opportunity to excel in school, their career and contribute fully to society.

We’ve seen firsthand the incredible transformations that kids in the VBGC program have made and it is an honor for our Trueheart community to support their noble mission. Children are our future and every kid deserves to have access to the tools they need to unlock their full potential and succeed.

I am very proud of all Evelyn’s accomplishments. I am especially proud of her desire and dedication to take an active role in the betterment of our society. Evelyn serves as an inspiration and positive role model for all of our Club members on their pathway to college.

Patricia Siqueiros, Executive Director, Variety Boys & Girls Club

Evelyn is making her mark on the world…

Evelyn Avalos

We’re proud to share the inspiring story of Evelyn Avalos, a VBGC Alumna, College Scholarship recipient and one of their many incredible success stories. Evelyn is a sophomore student at UCLA pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology with a minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies. During quarantine, she joined and became a Board member of Lavender Health Alliance, a UCLA undergraduate organization for queer students to gain mentorship from doctors and build connections with other students.

After graduating from UCLA, she plans on applying to an accelerated program at San Francisco State University to earn an Entry Level Masters of Science in Nursing with a focus on women’s health. When UCLA begins in-person schooling again, she intends to volunteer at the UCLA Health and the Los Angeles LGBT Centers to gain clinical experience and serve local communities.

Young people like Evelyn give us great hope that the future is bright!  By searching with Trueheart, you’ll help ensure other smart, talented and deserving kids will receive scholarships to attend college and have the chance to pursue their dreams.