Change the world with every search at Trueheart

by Scott

We’re so excited to announce the launch of the Trueheart social impact search engine. Our social good platform was made with love to give people a free and easy tool to have your searches power donations to deserving charities. 

There are billions of people who want to make the world a better place but can’t afford to donate money to charity. We created Trueheart to help democratize philanthropy and make it more inclusive. We want to invite everyone to use the power of tech for good as we transform local communities across the globe.

Search with Trueheart on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, and your searches will help us make grants to non-profits who work to save lives, feed the hungry, protect the planet, promote animal welfare, fight for equality and support our youth. We’re so proud to support our inaugural non-profit beneficiaries Smile Train, Action Against HungerGlobal Green4 Paws For AbilityPFLAG National and Variety Boys & Girls Club.

We’re utilizing over two decades of our expertise from our Trueheart cause agency where we’ve connected celebrities and purpose-drive brands to team up in support of good causes to help turn our search engine into a global movement. 

We’ll show you where every dollar goes to make the non-profits’ Fund A Dream projects a reality. With every worthwhile project the Trueheart community funds, we’ll share inspiring videos and beautiful photos, so you can see the impact everyone made by coming together to do good. Join us and change the world with every search.

Start searching with Trueheart today!

With love and appreciation,